2011 CSTS Campus Recruiting


Our world is changing and after graduation, so will yours. We invite you to take advantage of one of the strongest software service providers in China as a platform to launch your new career. 我们的世界在不断变化, 各位毕业后的生活也会发生改变。我们诚挚邀请你加入花旗软件,让这个世界领先的软件服务公司成为你职场的起点。

Who are we looking for? 我们寻求怎样的人才?

We are looking for students我们希望你:

? who are currently enrolled in a degree program (B.S. or M.S.)at one of the top ranked universities in China or around the world and will be graduating in 2012; 目前就读于国内或国外一流大学,并将于2012年毕业获得学士/硕士学位。

? who are excellent in communication with good command of spoken and written English; 能熟练运用英语进行对话与书面交流;

? who have good knowledge of at least one of the following languages: Java, .net, database, C#, Mainframe, SQL, DB2, web-based applications; 至少擅长以下计算机语言中的一种: Java, .net, database, C#, Mainframe, SQL, DB2, web-based applications ;

Our Programs 关于我们的实习生项目

Technical Internship-Full-Time Base (Starting from 2011) 招聘全职实习生

Technical Internship is designed for college students who may not have extensive professional experience but have a proven academic track record in IT related field with a well-known university in China or around the world. Candidates should be high achievers who share integrity, intellectual curiosity and the desire to work in a challenging atmosphere with like-minded people. ((Job Offer will be provided to qualified candidates) 技术类全职实习面向在国内外的知名高校的IT领域专业正式就读,但不一定具有相当的从业经验的同学。候选人需要具备诚实的品质,积极的学术探索精神,面对挑战的决心,与团队合作的动力。(我们将会与表现优秀的实习生尽快签订三方协议锁定工作机会。)

― Technical Intern (Java developer) --program code: 2011IJ 技术类实习生(Java 开发人员)-- 项目代码: 2011IJ

Business Units: Institutional Clients Group, Global Consumer Group业务部:投资银行部,全球消费银行部

Skill set: Java, database, web-based applications 技术专长:Java, 数据库,web-based applications

― Technical Intern (.Net developer) --program code: 2011IN 技术类实习生(.NET开发人员)--项目代码:2011IN

Business Units: Institutional Clients Group, Global Consumer Group 业务部:投资银行部,全球消费银行部

Skill set: .Net, C# 技术专长:.NET, C#

― Technical Intern (Mainframe developer) --program code: 2011IM 技术类实习生(大型机开发工程师)--项目代码:2011IM

Business Unit: Global Consumer Group业务部:全球消费银行部

Skill set: Mainframe preferred (not a must), good logic thinking, good in mathematics技术专长:大型机优先(并非必须),良好的逻辑思维能力,良好的数学基础

?Working Location: Shanghai (Pudong) & Dalian 实习地点:上海浦东/大连

?Recruiting Process 招聘流程

Candidates are selected through following steps:候选人将通过以下流程选拔:

Via on-campus interview如果你参加现场面试:

CV screen?first round interview?second round interview? admission?signing agreement 简历筛选?第一轮面试?第二轮面试?通过?签订实习协议

Via Citicup workshop (Nov 24Cheng Du): 如果你参加 11月24号 在成都的花旗工作室的现场面试环节:

CV screen?first round interview?second round interview? admission?signing agreement简历筛选?第一轮面试?第二轮面试?通过?签订实习协议

Via Other channels: 其他途径:

CV screen?telephone interview?on-site interview ?admission?signing agreement 简历筛选?电话面试?现场面试?通过?签订实习协议

How to Apply?如何申请

Via on-campus interview你可参加我们的现场面试: schedule will be posted on your school BBS in Sep-Oct:日程表将于九至十月发布在学校BBS

Via Citicup workshop你可参加我们11月24日在西南财大举行的花旗杯工作室: an on-site interview session will be held on Nov 24 at Southwest University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu. (Please check the final schedule on the Citicup website) 我们将会在11月24日举行现场面试,地点:dota2脱兔比分网(日程表将公布在花旗杯官方网站上)

Via Other channels其他途径: Simply send your CV to cstsintern@citi.com (Please name your email and the attached CV in the following format: Chinese Name-Program Code-University-Major eg: 张三- 2011FJ -北大-软件工程) 发送简历至cstsintern@citi.com(邮件题目格式:中文姓名-项目代码-学校-专业 如:张三- 2011FJ -北大-软件工程)

Company Introduction

Citicorp Software and Technology Services (Shanghai) Limited (“CSTS”)

Citicorp Software and Technology Services (Shanghai) Limited ("CSTS"), was established in August 2002 to provide software development for Citi businesses worldwide. From 2011, CSTS will also oversee the China Data Center for Citi. As a member of Citi, the core business of CSTS is to provide software development and technology services to support Citibank business in over 50 countries across Asia-Pacific, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Working closely with Citi’s Global Technology groups, the company is headquartered in Shanghai with a branch in Dalian. The vision of CSTS is to become a "center of excellence" in the Citibank family, providing world class banking software and technology services for Citi businesses worldwide. With this vision and talented people, CSTS is a significant contributor to the development of China’s IT sector and a crucial support element of Citi’s global operations.


花旗软件技术服务(上海)有限公司(简称:花旗软件)成立于2002年8月,致力于为全球花旗业务部门提供软件开发和技术支持。自2011年起,花旗软件将会同时管理花旗在中国的数据中心。作为花旗集团的一员,花旗软件的核心业务是为全球花旗银行提供软件开发及技术支持,其服务遍布亚太,美国,拉丁美洲,中东,欧洲及非洲地区50 多个国家。花旗软件与花旗全球技术支持部门密切联系,公司的总部位于上海,同时在大连设有分公司。公司的目标是成为中国为全球的花旗业务提供一流银行软件以及技术服务的“卓越中心”。公司的愿景以及杰出的员工,使得花旗软件成为了中国地区至关重要的技术支持者,同时也成为了花旗全球运营部的重要的一份子。

2011 CSTS On-Campus Recruiting Process


Dear Students,

Thanks for choosing Citicorp Software & Technology Services (Shanghai)! The following process is provided here to help you to be better prepared for the interview and overall selection. Please read though it and we wish you good luck! (Tips: Check your email regularly. Check with your teachers in the Student Career Center regularly for updated information! )

Sep 14-Sep 28 CV Submission (CV with photo/transcript) Please send your CV with recent photo and transcript (from fresh year to junior year) to cstsintern@citi.com before the Sep 14-Sep 28请在Sep 14-Sep 28期间将你的附带照片的简历及大一至大三或研一至研二的成绩单email到cstsintern@citi.com. (请勿压缩附件)

Sep 28-Oct 7 CV Screening Qualified candidates will be informed to take part in the next phase via email.

Oct待定(Time: 待定) On-site written test Only candidates passed the test will be invited to the following interviews. Location:校内(待定)

Oct 待定(Time: 待定) Interviews Please bring a copy of your CV and transcript to the interviews.

Oct 31 Final selection Applications will be reviewed and assessed against a consistent set of program selection criteria for each focus area.

Nov 1-Nov 30 First round offer Depending on the nature of the position you apply for and the number of applicants, you will receive the final offer in one of the time periods.

Dec 1-Dec 31 Second-round offer

Internship begins Internships typically begin in the end of the year or after spring festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear about the status of my application?

As positions are filled, selected candidates will be notified either by phone or e-mail of their status. (Please refer to the Recruiting Process)

How many internship opportunities are available?

Internship positions are posted according to business needs.

Do you have opportunities for graduate students?


Is this a paid Internship?

Yes. All CSTS interns are paid a competitive allowance.

How many days do I need to work each week during my internship?

5 days a week

I am coming from outside of Shanghai. How will I find housing?

Company arranged accommodation will be provided to interns who live outside shanghai or 30 km+ away from the Shanghai office.

Will I receive a job offer after I graduate?

Job Offer will be provided to outstanding candidates as soon as possible